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Weighing, Volumetric & IDW Charging
Check Weigh Charges
Please weigh and declare the full correct weight of your consignment (including packaging).  We have a legal obligation to declare payload information.  Declaring the correct weight also protects our staff from the risk of injury.  Weights should be declared to the nearest whole kilogram; do not declare fractions.  Freight can be subject to spot checks known as "check weighing", and you will be charged for the additional kilograms should your consignment weight be under declared. 
Irregular Dimensions & Weight (IDW)
IDW stands for Irregular Dimension and Weight.  This can be difficult to define exactly, in general it can refer to freight that must be loose loaded / cannot be presented in a cage. This can include freight that is over 3 metres long, or unsuitable for standard conveyors that are 2 metres wide with 90 degree bends requiring uniform barcode labelling, or requires mechanical lifting or manual handling.  Please remember your DX freight consignments are travelling through a "1-man" network, which means delivery is completed by a one person team.  Consignments that require two person/team handling to deliver safely are likely to attract additional surcharges and delays.  Freight may be identified as IDW at the sortation hub at the hub's discretion.
Volumetric Charging
There are times when the physical size of a package is a bigger factor than its weight.  Depending on the size of a consignment, there may be an extra charge to compensate for the unusually large amount of space some packages occupy in the back of the vehicles.

Charging for space taken rather than actual weight of an item is industry standard and we also calculate cubic weight charges for domestic freight.  Products which may qualify for potential "cubing up" are items such as bags of wool, empty drums, plastic tubing and all light but bulky items.

Volumetric Calculation

Our cubing ratio is 5000. So you take the volume (in cubic cm) of the goods and divide by 5000.  The result is the volumetric billing weight in Kilograms.
(W (cm) x L (cm)  x H (cm)) / 5000 = Volumetric Weight (Kilograms)

Chargeable weight is the weight at which the consignment is billed.  This is the greater of either the actual weight or the volumetric (cubed) weight.  Remember to cube all items in the consignment.
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Not everything is the shape of a cube.  Some products such as rolls of fabric and drums are cylindrical.  For this the calculation of volume is different.

Pi x Radius x Radius x Height.

The value of Pi is a mathematical constant at 3.142.  For example if your cylinder is 61cm high with a radius of 30cm, the calculation would be:

3.142 x 30 x 30 x 61 = 172495 cubic cm
172495 / 5000 = 34 KG volumetric weight
Irregularly Shaped Packages
We treat irregularly shaped packages as IDW and provide you with a pricing band on our services to make it simpler for you.  Please note these items are still subject to volumetric calculation.
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Out of Gauge (length) Surcharge
Please note there is a maximum permissible length in the DX freight network of 6 metres.  An "out of gauge" surcharge will apply of £50 for all lengths exceeding 6 metres.