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Speed vs. Your Current Carrier

Speed and Palletways are a leading combination.

Read on to see a case study of how we stack up against other local carriers and national networks. You may just find it to be like chalk and cheese.

The ProblemOther CarriersSpeed Welshpool
Tracking and tracing my itemsI have to call the office, who then call the delivering depot, who then call the driver, who then eventually call me back. It takes way too long!No phone calls. Palletways Portal has live tracking. See live where your pallets are as they are scanned real time through the network. Progress is even shown on a map.
Job entryI have to send a paper manifest with the driver or via fax/email. It's time consuming and error prone / OR the 'online system' my carrier has feels like it is from the 1990s and isn't fit for purpose.Simple. Enter your consignments online and print a label off. See a a video demo of the award winning Portal on our services page.
Low/unpredictable service levelsMy current carrier is in a network with patchy service levels in certain areas of the country. They also struggle to cope in peak volume periods, such as Easter.With over 110 UK members in 10 year contracts, Palletways have the most stable network consisting of the UK's leading hauliers. A continual review process of all members ensure all depots have a commercially viable opportunity leading to the most stable network and service levels that do not drop with peak volume.
High damagesI regularly have damages that occur either during hub sortation or by other depots. It is costing too much money and causing frustration for my customers.Palletways focus on a high class freight profile. A rigorous depot selection, leading Member Relationship Management Team (MRMT) and fit for purpose hub sortation ensure all involved are fully adept in handling and damages are the lowest in the industry.
Sending pallets to Amazon distribution centresI cannot send effectively send into Amazon. I have to use an approved parcel shipper, which is expensive, and I cannot consolidate my items onto a pallet.Palletways are the only UK pallet network approved by Amazon to deliver into their distribution centres. We can handle this like normal traffic. Delivery depots will book in on CARP for you and deliver on a consolidated load.
Booking InI have to phone up delivery points and book in all of my consignments. This costs me time and money. And/or I have to pay a specific surcharge to my carrier.Let Palletways book in all consignments for you. Tick a "book in" box, provide a name and phone number and it will get booked in. You pay no surcharges unless you stipulate the specific timed slot.
Requesting a collectionI have to ring or email my current carrier. I may not get through on the phone, and I don't know if they receive the email. I don't know if they will be collecting today!'Request a pickup' on Portal, tell us how many pallets to collect, we then confirm we have arranged this and it updates real time. No need to pick up the phone.
Customer servicesMy current carrier doesn't seem to value my business, and seems disinterested in good customer service.We are customer service driven and the only carrier to monitor service levels via a "customer perception" KPI. With a well-staffed, leading, dedicated customer service team, you can be sure we are customer focused even at peak times.
I lose sight of my items when they enter EuropeI have no means to track shipments when they leave the UK as they go to a third party.Palletways is a truly pan-European network. They do not sub-contract to Europe. One network, one IT system, one code of practice, one set of KPIs. European freight is treated no differently to domestic UK.
Seeing historic data of what I sent and whenI have no easy way to see what I sent 3 months ago or longer. I have to painstakingly go through old invoices.View all consignments ever sent on Palletways Portal. See a heat map of where you sent to over time. Download data as a spreadsheet or CSV file with one click.