Our website, like virtually all others, uses “cookies” to enhance your experience while you browse our website. As you may be aware, the EU have recently begun enforcing a law which dictates that we let you know how we use cookies in our website. This would be why you have undoubtedly been seeing similar warnings on other websites that you visit.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small and completely harmless text files that are stored on your computer by your browser at the request of websites. They serve to help websites enhance your browsing experience. Your browser is the program you use to browse the web – for example you may use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. For more information, see the following site: “What are Cookies”.

How do we use cookies?


We use the popular Content Management System and blogging platform known as WordPress. WordPress does not set any cookies.
Google Analytics

Like millions of others, we use Google’s Analytics tools. This is invaluable to us as it allows us to gauge who is visiting our website, in what capacity, for how long etc. The information is not personally identifiable and we make no attempt in trying to identify visitors. Google Analytics sets some cookies.

We make use of a networking tool called CloudFlare. CloudFlare hosts our DNS and helps protect our website from malicious visitors, as well as speed up site performance and help mitigate any potential denial of service attacks on it, amongst other threats. CloudFlare sets a cookie.

Cookie Details

__utma Google Analytics To help us gather metrics regarding your first/last visit to our site.
__utmb and __utmc Google Analytics To help us calculate analytics data regarding the time you spend on our site.
__utmz Google Analytics To help us ascertain how you arrived at our website (the “referrer” for your visit).
__cfduid CloudFlare To help us increase website performance, prevent malicious visits and mitigate any attacks against our site.