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The True Price of Cheap & Cheerful

You’ve spent countless hours and resource researching, developing, marketing and lovingly making your product. You then hand it over to a carrier and trust them to extend your reputation and take it on it’s final journey to your customer. But then the problems start with your cheap and cheerful carrier.


Have you factored in the true costs?

Short lived benefits

All carriers face broadly similar costs and challenges. You will know that labour costs the same for everyone. No carrier manages to get diesel or vehicles especially cheap. How can it be pay for some carriers to be far cheaper than others? Something has to give, and it does. Corners are cut. Operationally, parts of the network will be weak, reducing overall service and your confidence. A lack of investment in technology is common, reducing transparency and increasing your indirect costs. Weak carriers don’t last, and if the problem of cheap service isn’t addressed, costs will increase in the long run with caretaking.

Putting it right

A wise man once said, 'it's not the cost of getting the product to the customer that matters, it's the cost of putting it right when it doesn't'. In this day and age, you don't want to make that phone call to your customer to let them know there's been a problem. Customer experience and first impressions are crucial. When it comes to reputation, you're only as good as your last delivery.

  • It's not the cost of getting the product to the customer that matters. It's the cost of putting it right when it doesn't.
High Incident Rate

Regular loss and damage costs more to rectify and lowers your profitability

Poor Service

Poor network stability breeds service issues and low KPIs, letting down your customers

Less Visibility

No track and trace hides at risk consignments, slowing reaction to concerns

No Integration

Lack of a link to your business IT increases your costs in manual keying and data operations

Lack of Support

If you need something, or there is an issue, being able to just speak to someone is priceless