Brand Usage

We welcome your usage of the Speed brand however it is imperative that you represent it correctly. This page serves as a guide to how you should and should not represent our image, as well as downloadable brand and logo resources.

Colour Palette

We have a set of four colours we make use of. You should only use colours where instructed and in any case they should be an exact match to the ones here.

Web Hex
Green 376 7FBA00 CMYK 56C 4M 100Y 0K RGB 127 186 0
Yellow 109 F9D616 CMYK 4C 12M 98Y 0K RGB 249 214 22
Orange 1665 F96302 CMYK 0C 76M 100Y 0K RGB 249 99 2
Blue 298 34B6E5 CMYK 66C 8M 2Y 0K RGB 52 182 229

Logo Usage

  • Logo proportions must be constrained
  • Logo should be represented as an original vector path/outlines and must not be reproduced differently, or with font/typeface replacements to text elements
  • An appropriate padding/quiet area MUST be allowed around logo
  • Imposed only on WHITE or OXFORD BLUE (Pantone 282) background
  • If you have to impose on a different background, please contact us
  • Imposed either with “Speed” or our “Speed – The Future of Distribution” logo, or as instructed
White background is preferred.
On an Oxford blue background is OK.
Not represented as vector path/outline. Incorrect colour usage.
Black background and altered proportions.

“The Future of Distribution” below is fine.

Distorted, clipped and no quiet area/padding.

Using our name

Please refer to our name correctly in print and media.

  • “Speed Welshpool” is preferred.
  • “Speed” is OK.
  • Legally speaking, we are “N.P. Vehicle Hire Ltd t/a Speed Welshpool”. But please do not use this for print/media.
  • We are NOT “Speed Couriers”
  • We are NOT “Speed Distribution”

Downloads & Resources

  • Vector Logos and General Identity PDF | AI | EPS