Our Technology

Interested in how we get things done?

Everyday of the year we handle on average 400 pallets and 900 parcels. And we’re only getting busier and busier.

Put yourself in the shoes of our operations team. Every single working day you need to deliver and collect 400 pallets and 900 parcels. This includes sorting, routing and load balancing them efficiently on vehicles, not to mention charging people and invoicing them correctly at the end of the month.

“Easy!” You cry. “Just use the software given to you by your corporate clients!”. You raise a valid point if we only worked for one or maybe two corporate clients. When you deliver and collect freight for seven of them, it becomes a whole new ball game. The only solution is to develop and operate our own software. And that’s what we’ve done.

Our Software

We operate entirely bespoke and in-house developed software. This approach means we get a cutting edge web-based system utilising the latest technologies, rather than a typical archaic transport software package.

Our web-based platform is called Transpire and is built on open source technologies and frameworks, which means it costs nothing in licensing to run and was developed and launched in under 3 months.

Developing Transpire wasn’t easy; mainly because interfacing with our corporate clients’ legacy systems has been so difficult. But we got there in the end. Transpire performs all traffic routing, invoicing and provides crucial business intelligence to management.

Our Infrastructure

Naturally, if you let technology streamline your core business processes, your reliance on a working infrastructure becomes higher. With this, the risk posed by a technical fault suddenly becomes business critical. That’s not to mention providing a network where our corporate clients own software and hardware can operate securely.

As such a forward thinking company, we recognise this and have invested heavily in creating a resilient, secure and flexible infrastructure. For instance, we run 3 line bonded ADSL from Eclipse Internet for maximum performance and redundancy. We invest in dedicated security appliances from WatchGuard which stops harmful material from even entering our network. All of our core network infrastructure and servers reside in a secure, air conditioned room and are powered by two dedicated uninterruptible power supplies, to ensure continual service in the event of a power failure.