Our Business Model

I believe we have arrived at where we are now due to us, as a company, recognising the high service expectations of customers and tackling the unique challenges posed by this area, head-on.Phil Edwards

At the turn of 2007, the company was purely a parcel carrier, or what was known as a “carrier’s carrier”. We delivered mainly for national networks into rural Mid-Wales, with very few local customers sending freight out of the area.

Phil joined as Business Development Manager in 2007 with the remit of essentially turning the company around. Speed had a well known poor level of delivery performance and service which needed addressing swiftly. Upon arrival, immediate changes were made to staff and company infrastructure in order to improve levels of customer service and delivery performance.

By 2008, with an already vastly improved parcel service, Phil made the decision to expand into palletised distribution. Such a decision would diversify revenue income and offer long-term stability to the company. In April 2008, we joined Palletways, who were the natural pallet network of choice as we found their service to be superior to their competition as well as their ethos was aligned with ours. Steadily our base of local customers sending a mixture of pallets and parcels began to grow.

It was then realised that in the long-term it would be incredibly difficult to profitably utilise our fleet of vehicles. Covering such a rural and sparsely populated area such as Mid-Wales and Shropshire means that both our delivery volumes are low and the mean distance between deliveries is great. By 2009 we began actively looking for other corporate clients who would be experiencing difficulties in delivering into our area. By approaching them and offering to deliver their freight, we would both help fill our vehicles – who inevitably would be driving near to the delivery points anyway – and help relieve the headache that comes from trying to cover such a tricky area.

In 2010, after long and hard talks with well known European logistics company Norbert Dentressangle, we started delivering their freight alongside our existing palletised goods. They recognised our excellent service levels which complimented our Palletways Platinum partner status.

Since then, three further pallet distribution corporate clients have joined us and delegated the responsibility of delivering in this area to us.