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All Stories Have a Beginning…

Speed was originally started in 2000 as a company specialising in the collection and delivery of parcels in the rural area of Mid-Wales. With the well known late Martin Rutty and partner Tim Gilbert at the helm, Speed remained a chain of parcel delivery depots across the country until 2007 when Phil Edwards joined the company. It was at this point that the Speed expanded to include pallet services.

In 2008, we joined the Palletways network. Within a couple of years, Phil quickly realised that in order to achieve long term stability and success, a drastic change in the business model must be realised. Never tried before in the industry, Speed began trading with multiple palletised corporate clients. In 2010, we became a member of the highly successful and recognisable freight network Norbert Dentressangle.

Today, much has changed from the original Speed you would have known. We have a different team at the helm and a completely new identity. We now trade with five pallet corporate clients and two parcel corporate clients. In order to get this done, we employ some of the best people and operate some cutting edge technology.

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Our Business Model

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Our Technology

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